Manazil al-Qamar (Arabic: منازل القمر), in the traditional Arabic astrological system, the moon was seen to move through 28 distinct manazil (singular: manzil = house) during the normal solar year, each manzil lasting, therefore, for about 13 days. One or more manazil were then grouped into a nawaa (pluaral anwaa) which were tied to a given weather pattern. In other words, the yearly pattern was divided in the following manner: A year was divided into anwaa, each of which was made up of one more manazil, which were associated with a dominant star or constellation. These stars and constellations were sometimes, but not always, connected in some way to constellations in the Buruj‎. Moreover, as the anwaa' repeat on a regular, solar cycle, they can be correlated to fixed points on a calendar.

  1. Al-Sharatain (الشرطان - The Two Signs)
  2. Al-Butain (البطين - The Belly)
  3. Al-Thurayya (الثريا - The Swarm)
  4. Al-Dabaran (الدبران - The Follower)
  5. Al-Haqa (الهقعة - A White Spot)
  6. Al-Hana (الهنعة - The Scar)
  7. Al-Dhira (الذراع - The Seed or The Branch)
  8. Al-Nathrah (النثرة - The Nursery)
  9. Al-Tarf (الطرف - The Gaze)
  10. Al-Jabhah (الجبهة - The Forehead)
  11. Al-Zubrah (الزبرة - The Mane of the Lion)
  12. Al-Sarfah (الصرفة - The Changer of the Weather)
  13. Al-Awwa (العواء - The Barker)
  14. Al-Simak (السماك - The Unarmed)
  15. Al-Ghafr (الغفر - The Lid)
  16. Al-Zubana (الزبانان - The Claws)
  17. Al-Iklil (الإكليل - The Dome of the Head)
  18. Al-Qalb (القلب - The Heart)
  19. Al-Shaulah (الشولة - The Sting)
  20. Al-Na'am (النعائم الواردة or النعائم الصادرة - The Dragon’s Head)
  21. Al-Baldah (البلدة - The City or District)
  22. Sa'd al-Dhabih (سعد الذابح - The Fortunate Assassin)
  23. Sa'd Bula (سعد بلع - The Fortunate Aviator)
  24. Sa'd al-Su'ud (سعد السعود - The Wretched of the Wretched)
  25. Sa'd al-Akhbiyah (سعد الأخبية - The Star of the Dungeons)
  26. Al Fargh al-Awwal (الفرع المقدم - The Upper Hole of the Flask)
  27. Al Fargh al-Thani (الفرع المؤجر - The Lower Hole of the Flask)
  28. Batn al-Hut (بطن الحوت - The Belly of the Fish)

The Mansions of the Moon according to Abenragel (ca. 1000 CE)Edit

Contains Shirk

Elections according to the Moon in the Mansions

Name given &

Arabic name

starting degree Indian opinion Dorotheos
1 Ilnath

Al Sharatain

0° 0' 0" Hamal Good for taking medicines, pasturing livestock, making journey, except second hour Good for buying tame animals, for journeys, especially voyages, for making arms, planting trees, cutting hair or nails, putting on new clothes.

Bad for contracting marriage (holds for Moon in Hamal), making partnerships, or buying slaves, who will be bad, disobedient or run away. If captured, prison will be bad and strong.

2 Albethain

Al Butain

12° 11' 26" Hamal Good for sowing and making journeys. Bad for marriage, buying slaves, and for boats and prisoners similar to Alnath
3 Athoraie

Al Thurayya

25° 22' 52" Hamal Good for trading and revenge on enemies; indifferent for travel. Good for buying tame animals and hunting, for all matters involving fire, and for doing good. 

Bad for marriage, and making partnerships, especially with those more powerful. Bad for buying cattle or flocks, for planting trees, sowing or putting on new clothes. If captured, prison will be strong and long. Water journeys will bring fear and danger.

4 Addauennam

Al Dabaran

8° 34' 18" Thaur Good for sowing, for putting on new clothes, for receiving women and feminine things, for demolishing a building or starting a new one, for making a journey, except for third part of day. Good to build a house, which will be solid, and building in general, to dig a ditch, to buy slaves, who will be loyal and honest, and to buy livestock. Also good to be with kings and lords, for receiving power or honours. 

Bad to contract marriage, since woman will prefer another, or to enter partnerships, especially with those more powerful. Voyages will involve big waves. If captured, the captivity will be long but, if captured for skills, will be released through goodwill.

5 Alhathaya

Al Hak‘ah

21° 45' 44" Thaur Good for contracting marriage, for putting boys to study laws, scriptures or writing, for making medicines, for making a journey. Good for buying slaves, who will be good and loyal, for building, for travel by water, for washing head, indeed general washing, and cutting hair.

Bad for partnerships. If captured, imprisonment will be long, unless captured for skills, when he will escape.

6 Alhana/Atabuen

Al Han‘ah

4° 17' 10" Jauza Good for kings to declare war,enrollment of armies and cavalry, for knights seeking better pay, for the successful siege of a city, for smiting enemies and evildoers.

Bad for sowing, seeking a loan, or burial.

Good for partnerships and ventures, associates will agree and be honest and loyal, for hunting, for journeys by water, though delays.

Bad for taking medicine and for treating wounds. New clothes put on will soon tear. If captured, release within three days or very long imprisonment.

7 Addirach

Al Dhira

17° 36' 36" Jauza Good for ploughing and sowing, for putting on new clothes, for women’s jewellery, for cavalry.

Bad for journeys, except in last third of night.

Good for partnerships, which will be good and useful, with loyal and agreeable associates, for washing head, cutting hair and new clothes, for buying slaves and livestock, for smiting or making peace with enemies, for voyages towards destination, but delays on return. 

Bad for buying land, and for giving up medicine. If captured, unless he escapes in three days, he will die in prison. Likewise, if he has escaped something he fears, he will encounter it again.

8 Aluayra

Al Nathra

0° 0' 0" Saratan Good for taking medicine, for cutting new clothes, for women’s jewellery and putting it on. Rain will bring benefit not damage.

Bad for travel, except for last third of night.

Good for voyages, swift on outward and return journeys.

Marriages contracted will be harmonious for a while, then discordant. A slave bought will deceitful, accuse his master, and run away. A partnership started will involve fraud on either side. If captured, long imprisonment.

9 Attraaif

Al Tarf

12° 11' 26" Saratan Bad for sowing, journeys, entrusting anything to anyone, or seeking to harm anyone. Good for voyages, outward and return, for reinforcing doors and making locks, for making beds and putting up bed-curtains, for transplanting wheat.

Bad for partnerships, which will involve fraud on either side. Bad for cutting hair, or new clothes. Putting on new clothes may lead to drowning in them. If captured, long imprisonment.

10 Algebhe

Al Jabhah

25° 22' 52" Saratan Good for contracting marriage, for sugar and what is made with it.

Bad for journeys and entrusting anything, for putting on new clothes or for women’s jewellery.

Good for buildings, which will last, and for partnerships, benefiting all parties. 

If captured, at the command of a leader or because of great deed, and long, hard imprisonment.

11 Azobrach

Al Zubrah

8° 34' 18" Asad Good for sowing and planting, for besieging.

Indifferent for trade and journeys. Bad for freeing captives.

Good for buildings and foundations, which will last, and for partnerships, from which associates will gain. Good for cutting hair.

Bad for new clothes. If captured, at the command of a leader, and long imprisonment

12 Azarfa

Al Sarfah

21° 45' 44" Asad Good for starting all building, for arranging lands, sowing and planting, for marriage, for putting on new clothes, for women’s jewellery, for making a journey in the first third of day. Good for buying slaves and livestock, once the Moon is out of Asad, since the Lion is a great devourer. (If he eats a lot it leads to stomach pains, power, boldness and obstinacy.) What is lent will not be returned, or only with great effort and delay. Voyages will be long, hard and dangerous, but not fatal.
13 Aloce

Al Awwa

4° 17' 10" Sumbula Good to plough, sow, make a journey, marry, free captives. Good to buy a slave, who will be good, loyal and honest, to start building, to give oneself to pleasures and jokes, to come before a king or famous man, to take medicines, to cut new clothes, to wash or cut hair.

Not bad to marry a corrupted woman, and, if marrying a virgin, the marriage will last a while. A voyage undertaken will involve delay in return. If captured, he will be injured in prison, but captivity will end well.

14 Azimech

Al Simak

17° 36' 36" Sumbula Good for marrying a woman who is not a virgin, for medicines, sowing and planting.

Bad for journeys or entrusting something to someone.

Good to start a voyage and a partnership, which will be profitable and harmonious, to buy a slave, who will be good, honest and respectful.

Marriage with a virgin will not last long, and it is not bad to marry a corrupted woman. If captured, he will soon escape or be released.

15 Algarf

Al Ghafr

0° 0' 0" Mizan Good to dig wells and ditches, to cure illnesses to do with wind, but not others.

Bad for journeys.

Good for moving house, for adapting or preparing a house, its owner and site. Good to seek to do a good deed, to buy and sell, but selling slaves not livestock, because Mizan is a human sign.

Bad for both land and sea journeys. Marriage will not last in harmony, or only for a while. Partnerships entered will lead to fraud and discord. Money lent will not be returned. Bad for cutting hair.

16 Azebone

Al Jubana

12° 11' 26" Mizan Bad for journeys, trade, medicines, sowing, women’s jewellery, for cutting or putting on new clothes. A slave bought will be good, loyal and honest. 

Bad for marriage, which will only last in harmony for a while, for partnerships, which will lead to dishonesty and mutual suspicion. If captured, he will soon be out of prison, Inshallah.

17 Alidil

Iklil al Jabhah

25° 22' 52" Mizan Good to buy flocks and livestock, to change their pasture, to put on new jewellery and besiege towns. Good for starting building, which will be solid and durable, for settling a dispute between two people, to foster love, and love begun will be absolutely solid and last for ever. Good for all medicine.

Voyages started will bring anxiety and sorrows, but he will survive. Partnerships started will bring discord, and he who marries, will find his wife impure. Bad for selling slaves or cutting hair.

18 Alcalb

Al Kalb

8° 34' 18" Aqrab Good for building, for arranging lands and buying them, for receiving honours and power. If it begins to rain, it will be wholesome, useful and good. Eastwards journeys are favoured. Building undertaken will be solid. Good for planting and taking medicines.

If a man gets married and the Mars is with the Moon here, he will find her not to be a virgin. If he enters a ship he will come out again. Bad for selling slaves, new clothes, cutting hair. Partnerships will result in discord.

19 Yenla

Al Shaula

21° 45' 44" Aqrab Good for besieging towns and encampments, for disputing against enemies, for making a journey, for sowing and for planting trees.

Bad for entrusting something to somebody.

If a man gets married, he will find her not to be a virgin.

Bad for voyages, which will end in shipwreck, for partnerships, which will be discordant, for selling slaves, and very bad for a captive.

20 Alimain

Al Na’am

4° 17' 10" Qaus Good for buying animals. Rain will be good and do no harm.

Indifferent for journeys.

Good for buying small animals.

Bad for partnerships and captivity.

21 Albeda

Al Baldah

17° 36' 36" Qaus Good for starting any building, for sowing, for buying lands or livestock, for buying and making women’s jewellery and clothes.

Indifferent for journeys.

A woman who is divorced or widowed will not marry again. Indifferent for slaves bought, since they will think much of themselves and will not humble themselves to their masters.
22 Sahaddadebe

Al Sa’d al Dhabih

0° 0' 0" Jadi Good for medicine and journeys, except for last third of day. Good for putting on new clothes. Good for entering a partnership, which will bring profit and usefulness, and for entering a ship, though there will be great anxieties from a strong desire to return and the like.

A man who becomes engaged will break the engagement before the wedding and die within six months, or the couple will be in conflict and live badly, with the wife mistreating the husband. Bad for buying slaves, who will do ill to their master, or run away, or be irksome or bad. If captured, he will soon gain freedom.

23 Zadebolal

Al Sa’d al Bula

12° 11' 26" Jadi Good for medicine, for putting on new jewellery and clothes, for a journey in the middle third of day.

Bad to entrust something to someone.

Good for partnerships.

Bad for marriage, since wife will mistreat husband and they will not be together much, for entering a ship, if a short voyage is wanted, for buying slaves. If captured, he will soon regain liberty.

24 Zaadescod

Al Sa’d al Su’ud

25° 22' 52" Jadi Good for medicine, sending out armies and soldiers.

Indifferent for journeys. Bad for merchandise, jewellery, putting on new clothes, marrying.

A slave bought will be strong, loyal and good.

Bad for partnerships, which will end in great harm and conflict, and for entering a ship. Marriage will only last a while. If captured, he will soon be free.

25 Sadalabbia

Al Sa’d al Ahbiyah

8° 34' 18" Dalu Good for besieging towns and encampments, for going into a quarrel, for pursuing enemies and doing them harm, for sending messengers. Favours journeys southwards.

Bad for marriage, for sowing, for merchandise, for buying livestock.

Good for buying slaves, who will be strong, loyal and good, for building, which will be solid and durable, and for voyages, though there will be delays.

Marriage will only last for a while. Bad for partnerships, which will end badly and harmfully, and a slave will escape.

26 Fargalmocaden

Al Fargh al Mukdim

21° 45' 44" Dalu Good for making a journey in the first third of the day, but the rest is good for neither journeys nor any other beginning. Good for building, which will be solid and durable, for buying a slave, who will be loyal and good, for entering a ship, though there will be delays. 

Bad for partnerships. Marriage will not last. If captured, he will be in prison for a long time.

27 Alfargamahar

Al Fargh al Thani

4° 17' 10" Hut Good for sowing, and useful for trading. Good for marriage.

Indifferent for journeys, except for middle third of night when very bad. Bad for entrusting something to someone, or lending anything.

If starting a partnership, it will begin well but end in harm and conflict. Entering a ship will bring damage, dangers and travails. A slave bought will be bad. 

If captured, he will not leave prison.

28 Bathnealoth

Al Batn al Hut

17° 36' 36" Hut Good for trade, sowing and medicines. Good for marriage.

Indifferent for journeys, except for middle third of night when bad. Bad for entrusting something to someone, or lending anything.

A partnership started will begin well but end badly. A slave bought will be bad, irascible and very proud. 

If captured, he will not leave prison.

The Mansions of the Moon according to Ibn ‘Arabi (ca. 1200 CE)Edit

NameMeaningFromAttributionLetterDivine Attribute
1Al SharatainThe Two SignsHamalThe First Intellect, the PenHamza & AlefDivine Essence
2Al ButainThe Belly of Hamal12°51'22" HamalThe Universal Soul, the Preserved TabletHâ’ (unstressed h)The One Who Calls Forth
3Al ThurayyaThe Many Little Ones25°42'51" HamalUniversal Nature‘AynThe Interior
4Al DabaranThe Follower8°34'17" ThaurUniversal Substance, prima materiaHâ (stressed h)The Last
5Al Hak‘ahThe White Spot21°25'40" ThaurUniversal BodyGhayn (gh)The Manifest
6Al Han‘ahThe Mark4°17'09" JauzaFormKhâ (kh)The Wise
7Al DhiraThe forearm17°08'34" JauzaThe ThroneQâf (q)The All-Encompassing
8Al NathraThe Gap or CribSaratan The FootstoolKâf (k)The Grateful
9Al TarfThe Glance12°51'22" SaratanThe Self-Existing Ultimate Sphere, the Starless Sky, the BurujJîm (j)The Independent, the Rich
10Al JabhahThe Forehead25°42'51" SaratanThe Sky of the Fixed Stars, the Sphere of the Stations, al-Shams of Paradise, the Roof of JahannamShîn (sh)The Powerful
11Al ZubrahThe Mane8°34'17" AsadThe First Sama, the Sphere of Zuhal, the Sky of the Visited House and Lotus of the Extreme Limit, the Abode of Ibrahim (y/î)The Lord
12Al SarfahThe Changer21°25'40" AsadThe Second Sama, the Sphere of Mushtari, the Abode of MusaDâd (stressed d)The Knowing
13Al AwwaThe Barker4°17'09" SumbulaThe Third Sama, the Sphere of Mirrikh, the Abode of HarunLâm (l)The Victorious
14Al SimakThe Unarmed17°08'34" SumbulaThe Fourth Sama, the Sphere of al-Shams, the Abode of IdrisNûn (n)The Light
15Al GhafrThe CoverMizanThe Fifth Sama, the Sphere of Zuhara, the Abode of Yusuf (r)The Form-Giver
16Al JubanaThe Claws12°51'22" MizanThe Sixth Sama, the Sphere of Utarid, the Abode of ‘Isa (stressed t)The Numberer
17Iklil al JabhahThe Crown of the Forehead25°42'51" MizanThe Seventh Sama, the Sphere of al-Qamar, the Abode of AdamDâl (d)The Evident
18Al KalbThe Heart8°34'17" AqrabThe Sphere of Ether, Meteors and FireTâ (unstressed t)The Seizer
19Al ShaulaThe Sting21°25'40" AqrabAirZây (z)The Living One
20Al Na’amThe Ostriches4°17'09" QausWaterSîn (s)The Life-Giver
21Al BaldahThe City17°08'34" QausEarthSâd (stressed s)The Death-Giver
22Al Sa’d al DhabihThe Fortune of the SlayersJadiMinerals and Metals (stressed z)The Precious
23Al Sa’d al BulaThe Fortune of the Swallower12°51'22" JadiPlantsThâ (th)The Nourisher
24Al Sa’d al Su’udThe Fortune of the Fortunate25°42'51" JadiAnimalsDhâl (dh)The Humbler
25Al Sa’d al AhbiyahThe Fortune of the Hidden8°34'17" DaluThe Malaikah (f)The Strong
26Al Fargh al MukdimThe First Spout21°25'40" DaluThe Jinn (b)The Subtle
27Al Fargh al ThaniThe Second Spout4°17'09" HutHumanityMîm (m)The Uniter
28Al Batn al HutThe Belly of the Fish17°08'34" HutThe Hierarchy of the Degrees of Existence, not their manifestationWâw (w/û)The One Who Elevates by Degrees
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